I really don’t understand the mentality of the media. Fighting terrorism includes you. The media makes me sick with the number of times they re-run the same newscast. This is publicity for terrorism. Free publicity no terrorist organisation could afford. Primetime advertising. When will you realise that in your haste to earn a buck you are just a glorified marketing man of the terrorist.

What a shocking and terrible intrusion into the grief of the families of the dead to see the location and the belongings of their loved ones in disarray bloodied and on the street, on every channel hour after hour. Have some respect.

When unarmed people are gunned down, blown up or mown down in a country that is at peace in the name of a cause and religion, that is not a holy war. It is cowardice. War requires armed combatants fighting against each other to defend their beliefs. This is not a state of war there is no glory in massacring innocent people, it is a crime against humanity.

Delusional fanatics are traditionally told one of 2 stories, especially suicide bombers:

  1. They will be protected from the fire and explosion by their God to emerge victorious.
  2. This is a route to glory and everlasting paradise.

In the absence of surviving suicide bombers and it generally being accepted their pebble dashed remains stay at the scene, the first would appear to be a lie.

The second poses the question, is this is the route to glory and eternal paradise and it is such a desirable place to be; why have your leaders not gone before you? This lack of willingness to tread the path to the ultimate goal by those who endorse it would suggest it too is a lie.

There is too much procrastinating among politicians; now is the time for a political “cough and drop test” to see who has the balls to take stronger action.

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If the UK and the USA really do have a special relationship I would like to see shared policy-making to protect our citizens in both countries. United we stand.


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