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"I really love him he's my son after all and I don't mind him being gay"

After seeing his son kiss another lad in town, one dad took to Reddit to ask on how he should speak to him about it.

He laid out the situation like this,

“I saw my son (16) kissing his “best friend”. I didn’t tell my wife because she will probably hate him because of it but how could I? I really love him he’s my son after all and I don’t mind him being gay.

My question is how can I help him when he comes out and should I tell him to hold it back with his mom?”


Well, let’s just hold on a minute there as we refreeze our melted hearts. This guy might be up for dad of the year award.

Never ones to fail, guys of the AskGayMen forum, did not hold back on their advice.

Don’t confront…

With one suggesting that the dad didn’t “confront him” and that the boy would “tell you when he’s ready… but maybe you can work it into a conversation that you’re okay with it”

While another suggested that being subtle was everyone’s friend, “just be a lot more subtle than you initially think. It’s probably front and centre in his mind, so he will be very sensitive to the subject”.

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While another echoed. “If I were your son I wouldn’t want to be confronted (that’s just me tho) if I’m not ready to come out I don’t want others outing me, imo you should create a supportive environment and low-key and subtly let your son know that you are lgbtq+ supportive”.

Confronting the homophobes

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Confronting homophobes and homophobia in a public setting was suggested by the commentators, to show that he was supportive of the gay community.
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On the subject of his wife, one user suggested that the dad should “confront people who say homophobic things or at the very least say you disagree and explain your position. This will show your son that he doesn’t have to be afraid of talking about these kinds of things with you.”

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The dad replied, “I never said anything against it. But I’ll definitely do it the next time.”

Total. Winner.

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