What does Anal mean?

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Anal sex is where two people engage in penetrative sex where a penis, dildo or vibrate enters the anus. Usually, anal sex might refer to the sex that gay or bisexual men might have with each other, but it is also prevalent in the heterosexual community.

In gay sex, the receptive partner is often called the “bottom” whilst the giver is often referred to as the “top”.

Anal sex can come with some health risks. There is an increased chance of being infected with HIV if condoms aren’t used or either partner (top or bottom) aren’t on anti-HIV drugs, also known as PrEP. There is also a chance of being infected with other sexually transmitted diseases if a condom isn’t used.

There are also issues surrounding anal fissures and tears which can cause great discomfort and can cause bleeding after sex.

However, anal sex is perfectly safe and enjoyed by millions of people around the globe, as long the receptive partner relaxes, uses lots of lube and takes the time needed.

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