We thought we’d share some games you could play with your partner or F buddy to get the mood going.

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Sound of Silence

Taking one of your senses out of the equation can heighten the intensity of touch. Get your partner to put on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones before sensually touching them in whichever way you choose. Temporarily removing sounds can help crank up the sensation of your touch on their skin. If you and your partner are game, you can also experiment with blindfolds as another way of stimulating their senses.

Creative Combinations

 Write down, on a separate card for each, ten intercourse positions you like, and a series of timings from 3 minutes up to an hour. Then take it in turns to pull out two cards, one from each pile, to decide how you’ll make love and how long you’ll make it last.

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Jigsaw Fantasy

Take a sheet of A4 paper and on it draw a picture of something naughty that you’ve fantasised about doing with your partner. (Don’t worry if you can’t draw!) Cut the paper into sixteen square pieces and hide them around the house. Send your partner hunting for the pieces – you could give them a sexy reward for every one they find. When all sixteen pieces have been discovered, your partner can put the picture together and then act out the fantasy.

The Erotic Audit

 One of you lies perfectly still, the other touches from head to toe, covering every inch, no missing areas. The receiver murmurs numbers – from 1 to 5 where 1 is good and 5 is amazing – to reflect what feels best… what to do less of… what to do more of… what to keep doing more and more and more.

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Choosing His Spot

A game just for him. He chooses three sensitive parts of his body – His partner creates a love experience using only those three spots and no other.

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