best positions for a curved penis
My boyfriend has a penis that curves downwards

This week, a reader asks what positions are best for bottoming when your partner’s penis has a downward curve to it.


Hi, my boyfriend has a major downward curve in his penis, like a banana. He’s had it forever. It’s also big 6-7” long and a 6-7 girth.

I’m crazy about him but it’s difficult to bottom.

We can only really get it in when we doggy with my ass up, or laying on my back if he picked up my waist.

When On my back I can’t really feel anything.

Can you recommend some positions that are suitable?

Many guys have curved penises, although typically the curve is upwards or to the side, a downward curve is still, however, completely normal.

However, you will need to try out different positions to make penetrative sex work for both of you.

The reason why you say you’re not feeling anything when you’re on your back is that your prostate, the gland that makes bottoming irresistible to some, is on the inner side of your rectum wall. If your partner’s dick is straight or curves upwards, the standard missionary position means that the shape naturally rubs up against the prostate which is packed full of nerve endings. If your boyfriend’s dick is probing the other way, in this position he’ll be missing all the feel-good points.

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This means if you reverse positions they may actually feel better for you.

Many guys find there’s a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to their erections, however, it’s important not to force the erect penis into any position which is uncomfortable, because you can actually snap an erect penis!

Reverse cowboy

With you sitting and straddling his lap, but facing away from his face, so your torso is pointing towards his feet. Your feet can go behind you or in front, whichever is more comfortable,

This position can work with him lying on the bed or sitting in a chair.

Reverse low cowboy

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The top lies on his back, the bottom straddles on top with his head and torso pointing towards his partner’s feet. His ass points towards his partner’s head, with hips pointing slightly down. This way will give your top an amazing view of his dick entering you. Bonus!

Reverse Doggy

You are in the normal doggy position, with your butt in the air, but your top enters from above, crouching above you, with his feet either side of your hips, facing back. He then dips his dick in your ass.

Reverse sleeper

The bottom lies on his front and the top lies on top of him but with his feet near the bottom’s head.

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So face to face positions might work as long as you can tip your hips in a way that will help his penis make contact with your g-spot.

The great thing is that you have all the time in the world to experiment and take time to find out what feels great for the both of you. Have fun together.

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