How can I make my penis bigger

A reader asks what are the options for making his penis bigger

Dear AG,

I wondered if it was possible to make my dick bigger, I’ve seen lots of advertisement for pills and various techniques and wondered if any of them actually worked?


Dear Steve,

For hundreds of years if not millennia, guys have been worried about the size of their manhoods, but there’s so much misinformation out there, that it’s actually hard to know what the truth about penis and size actually is.

In reality penises or is it peni? Are much smaller than we’re led to believe, especially if we go by porn as a benchmark. Porn can offer an unrealistic view of what dicks should look like.

In reality, they come (no pun) in all shapes, sizes and indeed colours. First of you should know that here in Britain the average size of an erect penis is… 5.5 inches – which is apparently also the average global average of an erect penis.

So you might actually be well within the average or bigger than you actually think.

So now, down to your question can you make it bigger?

Well yes, there are ways to make it bigger – however, only one is medically proven to actually increase the size of your manhood.

Surgery. You can get your penis lengthened with surgery, however, the cost, which can go up to around £7000 might be a bit prohibitive. The length and girth you’ll actually achieve with this method will be around a 1 to an inch and half for length and girth

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Jelqing. This apparent, ancient practice of basically pulling and massaging (not masturbating) your semi-erect penis for what can amount to hours can, and has, an ex has assured me worked – but it’s time-consuming and it’s not been clinically proven.

Pumps. There are numerous vacuum pumps which can in the short term grow the size of your penis. However the side effects are not permanent – and you’ll have to wear a cock ring once you’ve finished pumping to keep the blood inside the penis.

Hanging weights off it. If you’re in for the long haul then hanging weights from your dangly bits may (I’m stressing MAY) make your penis longer, although it could take months if not years of persistence. However, I’d have to advise caution as you could cause long term damage to yourself.

Really easy ways to make your cock look bigger!


Changing the surroundings. Did you know by a careful trim of the pubic area can actually make your dong look bigger. The less hair around the base will give you an extra half inch…

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Losing weight can also help. Some guys, as they put on weight can put it on in their pubic area – also known as the FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area).

There’s an old adage that for every stone you lose you gain an inch down there – well technically that could be true – depending on the size of your FUPA. It could be actually hiding the first inch or two of your penis.

Whatever you do, don’t believe the hype that any pill can increase the size of your penis.

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