★★★ | Sex/Crime, Soho Theatre, London

There’s a sex crime taking place in Soho – it’s ‘Sex/Crime’ the dark comic queer thriller.

Now playing until Feb. 1st, 2020 at the Soho Theatre, ‘Sex/Crime’ had its birth at the Glory bar in Dalston – a venue where shows such as this one are produced. Sex/Crime is a play that explores sex, violence, role-play, fear, drugs, but unfortunately not nudity, as both leads are sexy as hell.

It’s not one to take too seriously, though the dialogue might suggest you do. Jonny Woo and writer Alexis Gregory take us on a ride where man A (Gregory) and man B (Woo) recreate a killing of a famous gay serial killer – for pleasure – and a price, but at what price. Both actors work their damn hardest to entertain, and scare us, as they decide the boundaries of their game – a game that goes a bit too far, all packed into a generous one hour show.

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Playing at the Soho Theatre (in the upstairs theatre) gives the show a bit of legitimacy, but it’s still low-brow theatre mostly meant for a small stage of a gay bar. But you can’t knock the energy and sexual chemistry of Gregory and especially sexy daddy Woo – they both alone are the price of admission.