What should you do if piles are ruining your sex life?

Dear Uncle,

I’m a newly married man. I’m suffering from piles. Can I have sex with piles? If yes how many times in a week I can have sex with piles?

Concerned, 33

Dear Concerned, 33

Yikes, that’s a lot of butt sex questions. Piles are a pain in the ass, quite literally and I would recommend if you’re in pain or bleeding from your butt not having penetrative sex until they’ve all healed up. This doesn’t mean that you have to forgo sex altogether. There are a few ways to simulate anal sex for your partner, read about them here – and let’s not forget our friends the BJ and the humble handjob.

We asked Public Health Practitioner Jose Perez de la Cruz, BPubHtlth his thoughts on whether it’s safe to have sex whilst you have haemorrhoids and he told us,

Anal sex has the potential to inflame pre-existing haemorrhoids (piles), though research shows that it does not cause them in the first place. So long as the piles are not actively bleeding or painful at the time on intercourse then it is probably safe to have sex.

“If they are bleeding or there is inflammation though, this means that the natural protective barrier formed by the skin and mucous membranes is not at its optimum which if exposed to an STI can make transmission more likely.

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“I would recommend using Preparation H or Germoloids (all available on Amazon) to help control pain and inflammation and to reduce swelling.

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So, get yourself a good haemorrhoids cream and go to town on those bad boys, when they’ve healed up or disappeared from view then you can start reintroducing anal sex back into your life – but go slow and use lots and lots of lube. If you get a sharp painful feeling or see blood, stop.

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If the piles don’t go away after a couple of weeks, book an appointment with your doctor to see what they maybe able to do to help.

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