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Drag Race UK: When does the first season start, who are the judges and what channel?

Drag Race UK pre-production is in full swing: but who are the judges, what channel will it air and who are the judges?

when does Drag Race UK start

Ever since it was announced that Drag Race was coming to the UK in late 2018, there was much speculation about who would be the judges. Well now all the judges have been announced and they are RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr.

Drag Race UK was announced by the BBC and will be playing on BBC Three, which is only available online through the BBC iPlayer. BBC Three have revealed that there will be just eight, 60-minute episodes of the favourite reality TV show.

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When will Drag Race UK be available to stream?

The BBC has not yet announced the streaming date for Drag Race but we’re expected it to be either Autumn/ Winter 2019.

Can I watch Drag for Free?

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Unfortunately, Drag Race UK won’t be available on terrestrial TV and only available on the BBC’s iPlayer, which you need an up-to-date TV License and registered account to watch.


What is Drag Race all about?

Contestants will compete in individual or team challenges that test a specific drag queen skill before taking on the Maxi Challenge, the headline moment of each show where they may be required to perform, model in a photo shoot, prepare a runway look for a themed challenge before having to face the judges, with one contestant each week eliminated and asked to “Sashay Away”.

Who are the confirmed judges for Drag Race UK?

Who are the confirmed judges for Drag Race UK?

Alan Carr and Graham Norton will be joining Michelle Visage and RuPaul for the first ever Drag Race UK as judges when it airs later this year. BBC Three confirmed the news today, while Michelle Visage was confirmed at the beginning of Feb 2019.



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