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Jedward pay tribute to their mammy after she sadly passes away

Jedward have paid a heartbreaking tribute to their mum after she died from cancer she had been living with for years.

Taking to social media, brothers John and Edward shared with their fanbase that their mother, Susanna Condron had died from cancer that she had been living with over many years.

In the heartbreaking Tweet sent from their official account, the singers vowed that their mum would always be alive in their hearts and paid tribute to how “full of life” she was despite living with cancer for many years.


The twins wrote about how much they would miss their mum as well as how she shaped their character into who they became.

They wrote,


Rest In Peace Mammy You live on through us We will miss you and your smile You shaped the character of who we are. Mammy lived with cancer for many years but was always full of life! You live on in our Memories and will always be alive in our Hearts

“She was so proud”

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Susanna was well-loved by fans of the brothers who were quick to send their well-wishes and support to the former X Factor stars with one saying, “I am at a complete loss. You know how much your Mum meant to me. You are certainly a credit to your wonderful mother. Susanna was someone I called a friend and loved and will always love very much. She had such a profound effect on my life.


Another added, “In my heart and thinking of you, she was so amazing and was so proud of you”.

Another replied, “I’m so heartbroken, she was such a beautiful and kind women! Sending so much love your way always here for you! Thank you for letting us all get to know her she will be greatly missed always here for you if you ever need anything sending so much love and prayers your way”.

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