Ooo it’s getting hot in here!

As these new pictures prove, Johnny Carter (Sam Strike) his getting fresh with a new guy he met at Pride!.

Having spent the Gay Pride celebrations with Gianluca (played by GABRIELE LOMBARDO)and fallen for him, Johnny introduces him to his family at Linda’s birthday party. Before Gianluca returns to Italy, they share a passionate kiss at the station, but with Johnny be able to let him go?

n December 2013, Johnny Carter had his first on screen kiss with Gary Lucy. Many anti-gay tweets were leveled at the production team of EastEnders and the actor Sam Strike. However Danny Dyer, who plays Strike’s on screen father, Mick had the perfect solution for them.


Johnny Carter is the first openly gay character on EastEnders since Christian Clarke and Syed Masood, the first gay character was Colin Russell, played by Michael Cashman.