You’re suited and booted, but there’s one problem, your shirt keeps riding up causing an unsightly muffin top situation – what can you do about it?

how to keep your shirt tucked

Luckily there are a few tricks to help keep your shirt tucked into your trousers.

First of all, you should make sure you get a fitted or tailored shirt – these could be a little more expensive than off the rack options but you can’t put a price on being dressed to impress.

RealMenRealStyle suggests also that you have a shirt that has at least 3 inches of extra fabric beyond your belt line.

The Military Tuck


RealMenRealStyle suggests that you create a “Military fold” when tucking your shirt into your trousers.

Firstly you need to take the excess material at the sides of your shirt, just above the waistline and fold it in on itself, so the shirt becomes tighter around your waist. When you’ve gathered enough material you tuck the folds into your trousers.

Then there’s the underwear tuck

This isn’t tucking your shirt into your underwear, but an under top, like a vest, which you tuck into your underwear and your shirt sits on top. The fabric of the underwear or vest top should interact just enough with the shirt to keep it in place.

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Shirt Stays

But the best – most ingenious way of keeping your shirt firmly tucked is the shirt stays. Think of braces – but made specifically to keep your shirt ends attached to your socks.

Simply attach the double end to your shirt, one towards the front, the other towards the back and then attach the other, singular end to your socks. Ta Dah! Your shirt ends are going nowhere.

We found this rather nifty pair from Amazon for just £5.99  or these guy suspenders will do the trick.

Watch the video below!