Elliot is an idealistic 21 year old gay man living in New York.

He’s wildly enthusiastic, likeable, yet at times infuriating and naive. The film follows Elliot’s desperate search for love and a lasting loving relationship amongst a gay community where casual sex and infidelity are the norm. His desperation for love and affection act like a man repellent when he meets and very quickly, falls in love with a succession of unsuitable men in the Latin American community.

The story sees Elliot both as a headstrong and inquisitive 10 year old and as an idealistic and sassy adult, using a mix of flashbacks and animated sequences to show us what events led Elliot’s character to form the way it did. Part of the film’s strength is in the portrayal of a young Elliot and the relationship he has with his family and schoolmates.

The film is in funny and charming with a whimsical nature, yet is also poignant and raw on occasions. Elena Goode is outstanding as Elliot’s hapless young mother, whose dreams and disappointments reflect Elliot’s own and she gives a convincing performance.



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This isn’t the glossiest of films but the simplicity of it is a major part of its charm.