SAUSAGE PARTY – Very adult full length animation movie about life inside a supermarket for the foodstuffs; Think South Park with a lot more sex jokes and liberal use of the c word… and it is making a fortune.

Courtesy of Sony Pictures - © 2016 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Courtesy of Sony Pictures – © 2016 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.paul

Nutshell – A sausage and his mates start to question that there future may not be all there beliefs and food gods tell them when they are eventually purchased and taken out of the supermarket. On top the desire of the lead character sausage to get inside a female soft bun is all encompassing. Think an 18 cert version of Family Guy or The Simpsons and it is one of the funniest films you will ever see.

Running Time – 89 minutes; Certificate – 15.

Tagline – ‘She’s Got Buns, Son” and “Check Out His Package”.

The Gay UK Factor – Loads of dick jokes, f***ing jokes, used condoms and a load of swearing – you get a f*ck, motherf*cker and a ‘see you next Tuesday’ in the opening minute and it doesn’t let up. There is a Jewish guy and a Muslim guy who obviously hate each other until they start gay ass banging using hummus for lube that would be heard from both sides of the Israeli West Bank. This is 100% boys only humour and the last 10 minutes is a scream with the biggest sex orgy ever put on screen.

Cast – (Voices) Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Salma Heyek, Paul Rudd, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Edward Norton – now that is an awful lot of funny folk.

Key Player – This is Seth Rogen’s baby and he is involved in all parts of it. If you like his type of humour or indeed any of the adult animated TV shows currently filling the airwaves then this treatise on atheism, religion and unbridled lust is for you.

Budget – $19 Million, Already made 5 times its budget back and only released in one territory – a bona fide blockbusting hit. Hot Dog this is starting to look like the most profitable movie of the Year – who knew adults would flock to such a gross out cartoon.

Best Bit – 0.75 mins; You will cheer when the foodstuffs finally turn on the shoppers, which leads to the bad guy’s ass being seriously douched on the way to that massive ginormous orgy.

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Worst Bit – 0.04 mins; There is an opening big number which is trying to be South Park and is not catchy or funny and with no other songs in the movie just seems out of place.

Little Secret – This is the first CGI film in history to get an R Rating (The next rating is X which excludes it from many cinema chains)….Guess what, it has become the highest grossing R Rated animation in history beating the South Park Movie and it cost absolute peanuts. An average Pixar film like say Finding Nemo or Toy Story costs 100 million to make this came in at less than one fifth and is really busting blocks worldwide.

Movie Mistake – All the characters are apparently aware of the concept of humans eating, and that they are foodstuffs themselves, yet act horrified when they discover that they are to be eaten later on… big plot hole.

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Further Viewing – Cross them off, Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons Movie, South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, Meet The Feebles (Except the AIDS stuff), Team America: World Police, Watership Down and even Beavis & Butthead if you must.

Any Good – Humour is the ultimate marmite. This really has split the reviewers and fans right down the middle. Hopefully, you like us will laugh until your sides hurt or will be wandering what all the fuss is about. Time to suck the sausage, test your gay reflex and see.

Rating – 22%

About the author: Paul Stag
Estbablished gay writer for a well known monthly magazine Dirty Boyz part of Boyz magazine with about 30 pages published each time. Mainly adult entertainment, fetish, travel, events, film reviews. Also pop culture from movies/TV and music.