Forget the steak and chips and a night out with the Mr… Go straight to the bedroom…

Sex expert Susan Quilliam gives her top advice for couples who want to spice up their bedroom habits.



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Wake each other with erotic whispers, by tongue-kissing goodbye as you set off for work, and send sexy emails and texts all day. When you get together in the evening, firstly talk in detail about exactly what you’re going to do to each other.

Loving Touch:

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Sensual stroking doesn’t just arouse you but releases hormones that make skin and nerves more sensitive. Plus, it brings you emotionally closer, which in itself makes the experience more powerful. Use Durex Embrace pleasure gels separately or together, to create a magic massage experience that makes you want to go on and on…

Take It In Turns:

It can be amazing to concentrate on one’s own sensations without needing to return the favour.  So let the ‘giver’ fondle, kiss, lick while the ‘receiver’ just lies back and enjoys.

For added impact, try blindfolding the receiver so they can’t see what’s going to happen next.


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Exchange Control:

Set the timer for 15 minutes and during that time let your partner dictate all the moves, positions, speed, pace and rhythm. Then set the timer again and you take charge, saying precisely what you’re going to do. Add extra erotic charge by specifying that neither of you can orgasm until the ‘controller’ of that time period gives permission.

Hold back:

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Introducing pauses in to the love act means passion builds physiologically higher, emotions zoom upwards – and the climax is stronger. Don’t rush on to the end, instead create hesitations of a few heartbeats between touches, kisses and thrusts. And only allow yourselves to tip over the edge when you’re both begging for release.


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