Scientists from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and Addenbrooke’s Hospital have made the shocking discovery that there are five kinds of prostate cancer.

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The discovery of the five differing types of prostate cancer could transform the medical aid and treatments offered to patients as medical professionals will be dealing with five different diseases. The discovery means that doctors will now potentially be able to distinguish between slow growing to the more deadlier cancers. The discovery was identified by comparing 250 samples removed during surgery.

Dr Gordon Muir, Consultant Urological Surgeon at London Bridge Hospital said that early prostate cancer causes no symptoms, but can only be detected by examination or a blood test. Prostate cancer is normally diagnosed by blood test and then a biopsy.

Advanced prostate cancer symptoms include bone pain, difficulty passing urine, or general tiredness. There are 41,700 cases reported each year in the UK.

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There are lifestyle factors that can increase your chances of developing prostate cancer. Family history being a significant factor as well as race, black men are at much higher risk of the cancer that kills around 11,000 men a year. According to statistics one in four black men will get prostate cancer ay some point in their lifes.

“Being overweight and eating a lot of cooked red meat may increase the risk slightly too.” explains Dr Gordon Muir.