Damaged hearing is a real issue with one in ten of us suffering from tinnitus so make sure you protect your ears this pride season.

National charity Action on Hearing Loss is urging Pride-goers this summer to consider their hearing before attending large events. Six million people in the UK – that’s one in ten – are affected by tinnitus

Gemma Twitchen, senior audiologist at Action on Hearing loss explained,

“We don’t want people to stop going to music events – that’s not what this is about. However, people may not be aware that there is a risk of damaging your hearing if you expose yourself to too much loud noise. The good news is that if you aware of the risks and take the simple steps to protect yourself, you can still enjoy the music.

“You can help ensure both you and your hearing survives the Pride season by investing in ear plugs. There is a misconception that if you wear them you can’t hear or enjoy the music, but this is simply not true. Ear plugs will block out the dangerous sound frequencies, still allowing you to listen to the music and enjoy it”.

So make sure you follow these find tips to make sure you don’t become a sufferer.

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  1. Don’t stand too near the speakers for a prolonged amount of time

  2. Take breaks away from loud music

  3. Make sure you keep your body hydrated to increase blood circulation and keep your body and ears healthy

  4. Wear ear plugs

  5. Make sure your children are wearing ear defenders


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If the ringing in your ears does not go away after a 24-hour period, the charity recommends people visit their local GP.

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