Is he, isn't he and does it really matter?

Since Tom Holland’s rise to fame in the brand new Spider-Man reboot people want to know more about the actor.

Is Tom Holland gay?

One of the questions people are asking the most is whether Tom Holland is gay or bisexual. So far, Tom Holland has not come out as gay or bisexual and doesn’t seemingly identify as such.

To be honest details about his personal life are extremely rare as he tends to shy away from his private and dating life in interviews. He’s more happy to talk about the work he’s involved with.

However, it does appear that Tom has no issue getting naked in front of the camera. During the filming of Spider-man, he apparently asked film execs if he could do a passionate sex scene, fully nude!

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Tom has been linked to Kick-Ass 2‘s Ella Purnell when the two were allegedly spotted retiring to Tom’s hotel room at the Dorchester.

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