A gay couple take part in a sex experience in front of live studio audience for a Channel 4 progamme that aims to look at the sex lives of normal Britons.

Three couples, which includes an engaged couple who were childhood sweethearts, a gay couple who have been together for 3 years and couple in their 20s.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said that the gay couple had wanted to take part in the show because it was a brilliant opportunity to show how ‘normal’ gay sex could be.


Mariella Frostrup is to host the new show for Channel 4, which aims to reclaim sex from porn by ‘exploring how the ever-increasing consumption of pornography is distorting people’s expectations of sex and ultimately damaging the sex lives of Britons.’

The show is to be recorded in front of a live studio audience, who like TV audiences will not see any sex or nudity.

After each couples’ time in the box, they will talk with Frostrup and a panel of sexperts, which includes psychotherapist, broadcaster and author Phillip Hodson, sex, body language and relationship expert Tracey Cox and internationally syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage


Sex Box presenter Mariella Frostrup said: “Ten years as the Observer’s Agony Aunt has given me plenty of insight into what an important role sex plays in our lives but also how difficult we find to talk openly about it to each other. The sex we see on screen, in magazines and increasingly online bears little relation to the real experiences of real people. I’m delighted to take part in this attempt to have a frank conversation about an essential element of all our lives. ”

The actual Sex Box is a completely sound proofed box – however the walls are opaque, so audiences or the production crew will see little.

Dan Savage said: “Many people have an easier time speaking honestly about sex with their friends – or with anonymous strangers online – than they do with their partners. But honest, fearless communication with the person (or persons!) with whom you actually have sex is central to creating successful long-term relationships. Sex is that important.”

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The show is to be broadcast on the 7th October.

The Campaign for Real Sex Season starts on 30 September at 10pm with Porn on the Brain.

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