Gay Dating | What does PnP mean on a dating app?

If you ever see the acronym “PNP” on a guy’s profile, it’s to with having sex and “partying”, simply put, fucking while on drugs.

PnP stands for party and play – generally speaking drugs play a part in this guy’s sexual activity. Sometimes also referred to as chemsex.

Drugs that might be used could be

Crystal methamphetamine,  (Meth, Tina, Ice, Glass, Crank)

GHB/GBL,  (G, Gina, Liquid Ecstasy)

Mephedrone (M, Meph, Meow Meow, M-Cat)

MDMA (Molly, Mandy, Ecstasy)

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Cocaine (Coke, Charlie, Crack, C)

Ketamine. (K, Ket)

Make sure you keep safe during PnP often drugs can make people take risks with their sexual health, due to lowered inhibitions and feelings of intimacy and sexual drive when on certain drugs.

A fantastic resource and read into the world of chemsex is the book by James Wharton, Something For The Weekend, available from all good book stores and Waterstones online.

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If you need help with addiction or are worried about drugs in your life, you can find resources at the Drugwise website.

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