The backlash against Jason Gardiner is in full swing after his constant jibes at this year’s Dancing On Ice contestants. Gogglebox‘s Stephen Webb, calling his judge act of being “Mr Nasty” “dated” and “dull”


Stephen Webb from the hit Channel 4 show, Gogglebox has called Jason Gardiner‘s “Mr Nasty” judging style “dated” at best and “dull”. The judging style has also been criticised by dozens of fans of the show, who have called out Jason’s overly bitchy comments toward’s the contestants.

Viewers have been threatening to switch off after the “Mr Nasty” of ice skating could only raise criticism of the show’s newly trained hopefuls, which this year includes Saara Aalto and Brian McFadden.


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Fans of the show noticed that while Torvill and Dean could score the celebs quite highly, it was rare for Jason to go above a 4.5 out of ten, despite him not being a professional ice skater.

On tonight’s show, viewers and fans ranted how “slimy” and “bitchy” Jason was coming off.

Jason has been a longstanding judge on the show and started in 2006 until the show was cancelled in 2014 and then was asked back when the show was relaunched in 2018. He took out a year in 2012.