The Drag Race UK contestant Gothy Kendoll has hit out at gay Conservative voters calling them a slur word.

In the tweet sent just a few days before the General Election the 22-year-old drag queen, who was the first queen to be eliminated from the debut series of Drag Race UK, said, “gays vote labour, faggots vote tory”.

A few days later the drag queen then asked her 24.7K followers “why do all gay tories look the same”.

While some users agreed with the entertainer, others questioned why she used the slur, one wrote, “Unfortunately I see no joke, I spend my time within school teaching today’s young people not to use that word.

“It’s not a joke it’s a word used to bring people down, people of the LGBT+ community.”

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Another added, “I like the sentiment but please reword it. We can’t keep using that horrible F word”


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Others branded the tweet disgusting, to which Gothy replied that it was a “joke”.

THEGAYUK.com reached out to Gothy Kendoll for comment.

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