A tweet sent by All Together which used a picture of Labour MP Diane Abbott was branded racist and sexist by some followers, which the group itself said was “ludicrous”.

The All Together group, which boasts around 4000 members, has been blasted by Twitter users after it shared a photo of Diane Abbott purportedly wearing two left shoes.


The photo which many users are now claiming is a photoshopped, fake picture.

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All Together tweeted a well-circulated picture of the MP’s feet, asking if any of its followers had “pulled a Diane Abbott” after watching an all-night election special.

“Who stayed up late watching the #GeneralElectionResults? …

” Anyone so tired they pulled a #DianeAbbott and put 2 left shoes on this morning? “


However, users and followers were quick to tell the group to delete the tweet branding the tweet “unfunny” and adding to the mountain of racist and sexist abuse that the North London MP deals with on social media.

“It’s Fake”



Another user said that they were left “disgusted” that the tweet was sent from an organisation which says it promotes inclusivity.

One commenter wrote about how Diane Abbott has been an LGBT+ advocate.

One user blasted the group saying that the group need to “studied” for “tearing down a black woman”.

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“The page is apolitical, it always has been”

THEGAYUK.com reached out to All Together for comment, who said that the reaction against their tweet was an “overraction” and that the post was meant to be “light-hearted”.

It also said that the “accusations of amplifying racial bullying of Dianne are ludicrous” before reaffirming that the political stance of the group is “apolitical”.

“Poor taste, maybe? An overreaction. Definitely. A light hearted post, turned sour and twisted by others. The accusations of amplifying racial bullying of Dianne are ludicrous.

“The language used by others to validate their distaste is what should be studied. The page is apolitical, it always has been.

“If you’re that sensitive today over a post regarding a woman who put 2 left shoes on, put your phone down”.

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