Here's how to deal with anyone who fat shames or criticises your looks

Here’s a lesson on how to deal with haters.

CREDIT: ©-livrakv-Depositphotos

Body shaming can be so harmful, especially when a message with someone criticising your looks or your size lands in you inbox. This one Grindr user, however, managed to put one teen in his place in the most loving, yet sassy way possible after receiving a message which told him that if he “worked out” he’d be really attractive.

Here’s a lesson on how to deal with haters.

“I really don’t care”, starts the message, “what a closeted teenager thinks of my looks

“But I hope you realise that lots of your fellow queer folks struggle with body image issues and eating disorders of all types and it’s messages like this that compound those issues.

“With this attitude, you’re going to actively harm people in our beautiful community.

“Think about that next time you send something like this.


“Also, I can probably deadlift four of you”.

We salute you oh sage one.