The gay hook up giant, Grindr, is now allowing people to “boost” their profiles on the platform – and it’s a different price for everyone. Although it’s not entirely clear what the parameters are for the price difference.

Some users of Grindr who logged in yesterday will have noticed a couple of new features. One of which hasn’t gone down too well, namely the ability to “boost” or promote your profile to the top of people’s user grids.

“Greedy As Hell”


Grindr has numerous revenue streams from its Unlimited and Xtra services and will also generate a healthy income from the ads and promotions it runs via its platform.

Now it has added a “boost” feature which will effectively put your profile at the top of people’s pages. However, it seems that the price you’ll pay varies on your location.

While one user in Nottingham was being charged £3.09 per hour for a boost, a user in London was being charged £4.99 for the exact same service.


We asked our Twitter followers their thoughts, and it’s fair to say the new product from Grindr is not a welcome feature with one user branding the company “greedy as hell”. reached to Grindr for comment.

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Are you going to be using Grindr’s boost service? Use the comments to let us know.

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