TGUK were sent some of Right Guard’s new deodorant and shower gel ‘xtreme cool’ range. We decided to put them to the test on the hardest working member of The Gay UK team.

After a unanimous decision The Gay Gardener came out as the more worthy contender to try the products as he works in the blistering heat of summer and could do with some cooling down, though did it work?
Shower Gel


Being handed shower gel and deodorant from colleagues could have been taken in many ways! Though after a quick personal smell check all seemed good. Working in the garden all day you can get quite warm especially in these muggy days so the next day the first product I tried was the shower gel. I don’t want to scare any of the readers but I do like to get a good lather going in the shower and this gel did the trick. It has a great thick consistency so didn’t just run off the body like some shower gels and produced a great froth to cover every nook and cranny. As a man it was great to find the gel could be used to clean “everywhere” as I’d been fooled once before by a well known mint branded gel which left me cowering in the shower! The only down side I would say was the ‘air-conditioning effect’ claim on the label. I was in a hot shower and didn’t feel air-conditioned. However if you look past the marketing claims then you shouldn’t be disappointed with this great little gel. Overall I was clean, smelt good after the shower and felt confident to hit the garden. Would definitely purchase these products again (Four Stars)

Right Guard Xtreme Cool 150ml aerosol☆☆☆☆☆

I also tried the spray deodorant from the same range, again claiming an ‘air-conditioning effect’ and found it also to be a great little product. As a gardener I’m going to sweat no matter how much antiperspirant I apply, though with this one I was surprised to find at the end of the day although still moist underarm I did smell fresh and the light fragrance remained. On first spraying there is a cooling sensation, though it couldn’t compete with the heavy heat outside. (Five Stars)

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Right Guard Xtreme Cool 150ml aerosol RRP £2.29Right Guard Xtreme Cool 50ml roll-on RRP £2.29

Right Guard Xtreme Cool 250ml Shower Gel RRP £1.99

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The Right Guard Xtreme Cool with Air-Conditioning Effect range is skin friendly and dermatologically tested.


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