Guess how many things Davey Wavey put up his b

25th August 2017 7 By News Desk

In the name of gay science internet sensation Davey Wavey agreed to have a number of objects stuffed up his b-hole.

So Davey and adult star Brent Everett had a day of butt stuffing, but first, they had to decide who got to be the stuffer and the stuffee – a quick flip of an electronic coin it was decided that Davey would be the stuffee… We’re kinda reminded when Davey tried to find his g-spot on YouTube!

Brent then took it in turns to put 10 – yes 10 items up Davey’s butt (not all at the same time). They ranged from glass sex toys to a dragon fruit. Davey it seems is a pro at guessing because he managed to get the majority right!


Anyways, it’s hilarious and a bit of a turn on!

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Enjoy the video…