It looks as though Facebook has deleted Milo Yiannopoulos's page on the platform.

It looks as though Facebook has deleted Milo Yiannopoulos’s page on the platform.

Having amassed a whopping 2.3 million likes on Facebook it seems Milo Yiannopoulos‘s page has been suspended from the social media giant. The page went missing on the 30th October, with the controversial public speaker and journalist taking to his Instagram account to upload a picture of his page on Facebook – now an error holding page saying “this is a new one”.

Now when a visitor now goes Yiannopoulos’s page on Facebook they are greeted with a standard, “sorry, something went wrong” page.

Milo is no stranger to being banned from social media, he was first unverified then removed from Twitter in 2016.

To top it all of, the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio requested that a talk about the politics of Halloween to be given at NYU by Yiannopoulos be rescheduled. Yiannopoulos wrote, that he was “without question the most censored man in America”, before saying that the 1st Amendment, the free speech amendment in the US was dead.

Yiannopoulos revealed last week that Facebook allegedly told him to take some of his statuses down claiming that he was supporting terrorism, saying, “This is why you don’t see me jump on current affairs and be present these days. I can’t express the same opinions that even other conservatives do. I don’t want to lose these accounts or leave Facebook and Instagram. But they’re basically instructing me what jokes I can make and what opinions I can have at this point, capriciously, arbitrarily and inconsistently, doing the bidding of SJW journalists”.

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On Instagram, he wrote, “The entire city of New York is terrified of one gay man stepping out of line and calling out the Left as the intolerant, censorious crybabies they are. And they just proved it—by censoring me again. I couldn’t ask for more conclusive proof: The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, today demanded my talk at NYU be canceled (“rescheduled” in their euphemistic language) and the President of NYU has complied. So. It’s not happening. I’ll post my talk online tomorrow instead. RIP, First Amendment. They’re not even pretending any more”.


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