With so many choices and places to eat in the wonderful city of Bangkok, you'll need a guide. Here travel expert Ray Si lists his favourite haunts.

With so many choices and places to eat in the wonderful city of Bangkok, you’ll need a guide. Here travel expert Ray Si lists his favourite haunts.

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1) Of course, Thai cuisine is one of the most famous in the world, a bright blend that places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge and when you emerge from the train into the heart of the city it is all around you. And like all intricate and creative foods, the joy is more than just in the eating it, it is also in the preparation, and to that end, you should take a cooking class at Blue Elephant Cooking School.

Not only great practical experience and great fun you, will be fully immersed in the art of Thai cuisine. You get to visit the local market to shop for the ingredients, learn the subtle skills of blending them together to make a variety of delicious dishes and then have the experience of eating them in a Michelin star restaurant.

Bangkok Flea Market

2) There is a vibrant food area at Bangkok Flea Market close by the MBK centre, and I have to admit that I have experienced some of my favourite Thai dinners here. Particularly look out for the fish, at only £4.00 per person you can’t go wrong.

The Banyan Tree

3) Visit The Banyan Tree rooftop for a drink but only eat here if you want boring and expensive non-Thai dishes. 5-star hotel prices for the inexperienced tourist, why pay that when there is so much better to be found all around you?

Paragon Shopping Centre

4) The food court at Paragon Shopping Centre which will leave you feeling rich in flavours and rich in the wallet, £1.17 bought me my main course… so I had 3! Well, why not?


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5) If you visit Chinatown wander away from the main street and eat wherever you see a crowd of locals, which is always a good rule of thumb anyway and again value for money is the name of the game and £1 – £3.00 will get you a main dish that 2-3 can share.

Rosabieng Restaurant

6) Rosabieng Restaurant on Sukhumvit 11 is renowned for Tom Yum soup and deep-fried fish, and I can guarantee that you will visit more than once at only £10.00 per person.

Mango Tree

7) Mango Tree near Patpong Night Market has the best Thai Green Curry served at little more than a fiver a go.

LeBua Hote

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8) The International Breakfast Buffet at LeBua Hotel offers all 3 meals at breakfast time at only £14.00 per person.

Banana Roti stalls

9) Hunt down Banana Roti stalls throughout the city and I suggest that you order without the egg as it is sweeter. One is enough to share but again at these low prices, less than a quid, buy two and give one to a passing stranger – it will make someone’s day.

Thip Samai

10) If you check out the tourist websites and travel guides they will try to convince you that Jay Fai’s Street Food with its Michelin star is the place to go but with a four-hour wait to be served and £23 for a crab omelette it is everything that you don’t visit this city for. Better still head a few doors down to down to Thip Samai for their legendary Pad Thai.

About the author: Ray Si
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