Ollie Locke is planning to adopt with his husband-to-be

Ollie Locke

The reality TV star, Ollie Locke is planning to adopt with his soon-to-be husband, Gareth Locke.

Ollie Locke
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The former Made In Chelsea and Celebrity Big Brother star, Ollie Locke, has declared that he is planning to adopt a child with his fiancé, Gareth Locke, but not until the “madness of their careers” has died down.

The couple is still planning their wedding, to be set in Italy in September next year, after announcing their engagement earlier this year.

The star revealed his plans to the Sunday Times saying, “We might adopt at some point, maybe in 10 or 15 years, once we’re done with the madness of our careers.”

Before their engagement, it was revealed that the couple has actually known each other for over a decade but only made it their relation romantic earlier in the year.

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During his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Locke, then 29, identified as bisexual and said that he had never slept with a man. However, the star became out as gay in 2016.

In an exclusive interview with Hello! Magazine, Ollie explained how Gareth popped the marriage question, “We decided to go for a lovely walk with Bear [his dog] in Kensington Park Gardens which is my favourite park and we came across the Peter Pan statue, which is my favourite statue. I walked towards Gareth who was just standing there and he gave me a hug…”

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Gareth continued, “I was 200 yards away and I was thinking ‘I have got to do this now’.”

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