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India Willoughby suggests that only this city should vote in a second referendum

With Brexit rocking the nation and talks of a second referendum never far from the discussion Celebrity Big Brother star India Willoughby has suggested a solution.

With divisions running high on whether the UK should hold another Brexit referendum, the Celebrity Big Brother star India Willoughby thinks she has the answer to who should be able to vote.


Taking to Twitter the CBB star suggested that as London is the most cosmopolitan place in the UK and has the widest representation of people, it should decide on the future of the UK.


“London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world. It has representatives from North, South, East and West. A mix of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Why not just let London decide in a 2nd Referendum? Reflects all of us. We need a speedy resolution”.

Fans weren’t happy with India’s suggestion, with one saying, “What about the rest of us or don’t we count u taik [sic] diversity equality for everyone then u cum out with that bollocks what about us discusting [sic] thing to say” another added, “Girl, who stole your phone?”.

In the 2016 EU referendum, London voted remain by almost 60 per cent. The highest remainer area outside Scotland, which voted Remain 62.0% to 38.0%

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