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Meet Ray. He’s nearly 60 and he’s got pure fitness game. In fact’s he’s a celebrity personal trainer and he’s here to show you regardless of your age you can have the body you want.

It’s clear that you take good care of your body… what motivates you to do this?
The ageing process motivates me to take good care of my body. I want to do all I can to live a long and active life and to remain independent and fulfilled. Sure, Vanity is a big part too! I will be 60 in November and I look at other people, many half my age, and most are overweight, have joint problems or are stressed. I will do everything I can to remain agile, flexible, strong & healthy and happy. I was born to be different, to stand out in a crowd and to inspire others.

When did you start? Have you always been a keen gym goer?
Fitness became a big part of my life from about the age of 12, in the way of home gym equipment. But I started proper gym training from the age of 16. I had joined the Boy’s Junior Army Service and therefore gym training was available and I loved it. I was never an academic at school, I wanted to do physical things instead: Braun not Brains! When I first moved to Spain from Manchester UK, I had a 12-year gap from Body Building and that is the only time you didn’t see me in a Gym. The Gym is my life and I love it.

What do you say to people who say that the body goes downhill after the age of 35?
People say that after the age of 35, the body goes down hill… well, yes it does, due to the natural ageing process, our bodies stop producing the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). And eating habits have changed over the years, fast foods instead of natural produce. Alcohol is cheap and has become a normal social activity. Stress is a huge problem and all these things accumulate in aiding us to get old quicker. Weight Training is essential, especially as we age. We must work our bodies to do even the simplest things in life such as climbing stairs, carrying shopping, manoeuvring in & out of the bath…the list goes on. Education in Life Fitness is key and this is one area I feel I am qualified to address. How do celebrities stay looking so young and energetic? Google: Celebrities taking HGH and click on images, you’ll be amazed at who you see!

You’ve said that quite a few of your admirers are gay guys? How do you feel about this?
Many of my admirers are indeed gay guys. I really don’t mind at all. In fact, I am flattered! There are not many muscular guys around, especially at my age. ‘Super Hero’ movies are very popular at present… I can be a fantasy in their mind? I respect anyone’s sexual preference.

Ray Houghton

Ray Houghton

Are you in demand for more exposing photoshoots? Would you do any?
Yes, I get asked for exposing photos and yes, I wish to do another professional photo shoot. I would love to do more photo’s ‘on location’ (outdoor shots) and also using different props to show more of my character and sense of humour. I would like to fill my potential as a ‘Celebrity’ and if it gives pleasure and inspires, then it is all good.

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Tell us something that surprises people when they learn it about you…
People are surprised to learn that I am indeed aged 59. I have a muscular physique, good skin, a young outlook on life, I like to dress in my own unique style. I am an optimist and very positive. I am a quiet man, somewhat shy at times BUT I can come out with some life stories that surprise people. Also when I say I have a FULL BODY SUIT of Tattoo’s, people are shocked. I have a wealth of body building/fitness knowledge – all simple common sense stuff and people (many of them Personal Trainers) love to learn from me, The Master.

What are your top workout songs?
I don’t workout to music (I never use headphones). I only listen to one important thing….MY BODY! I have such a Mind/Body connection, that all background noise (songs), simply disappear. However, there is music playing in my gym, mainly 70’s & 80’s music, which I like. My favourite songs are ‘Kinky Boots’ by Nancy Sinatra, ‘Money Talks (Dirty Cash)’ by Stevie V, ‘Perfect’ by Fairground Attraction, ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone.

Ray Houghton

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How many days do you work out – and what’s your general routine?
I workout six days a week. I usually concentrate on training one body part per day: Back, Biceps, Legs, Shoulders, Chest, Triceps. I like to do Body Weight Training: Push Ups, Pull Ups, Tricep Dips etc. I don’t use heavy weights, instead, I concentrate on keeping good form throughout the exercise and higher reps too. I have always been injury free (which is virtually unheard of with most body builders), due to keeping good technique. The only Cardio I do is walking my 3 dogs daily.


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