Manscaping is a necessary chore that all us men have to go through to keep our junk in an aesthetically pleasing state.

We can no longer be all 70’s about our down below areas… getting to grips with your man bush is a must!

How ever necessary this process is it does not make it any less tiresome. Here are my top 5 tips to achieve the perfect haircut for your downstairs.


1. Nobody wants to feel like they’re going down on a 9 year old so when your hacking around your tool with the trimmers make sure you leave yourself some stubble.The only people to get away with the bald look are porn stars and even then I prefer to see something down there.



2. One place baldness is generally preferred is around the ass so if you’re using hair removal cream to achieve a silky smooth tushi make sure you go with a sensitive cream. Don’t and you’ll regret it when your ass is red raw and itching like a b*tch.

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3. After care is a must. When your hair starts to re-grow it is going to itch and without the aid of a moisturiser you’ll probably end up with a rash. I recommend the same thing that was recommended to me be a stripper friend of mine and that’s Sudecrem. Sudecrem is officially your best friend.


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4. Pull it tight. Remember that feeling when you accidentally cut your face with the razor when you shave? Imagine that on your crown jewels, OMG cringe! Remember the skin on your boys is thinner and looser than the skin on your face so avoid any unfortunate slip ups by pulling the skin taut.



5. Last but not least, use a fresh razor to avoid bacteria infections and keep your electric trimmers clean and free from old hair.

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