He’s the gossip that everyone’s talking about, but who is Dan Wootton?

is Dan Wootton gay
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He’s a well-known figure in the gossip world – probably second only to Perez Hilton in terms of solo media gossip brands – and he works for one of Britain’s biggest newspapers, the Sun, but what else do we know about the star?

Is Dan Wootton gay?

Yes, folks, Dan Wootton is in fact gay. The 33-year-old journalist took to Twitter in December 2013 to announce that he was gay and pro-equality. He said, “I’m gay and I believe in equality in every way. If the media hides gay relationships then how will they ever be normalised?”. He’s one of journalism’s most prominent openly gay editors and reporters. He has attracted a fair bit of criticism from the LGBT community because of the way that he has tackled certain subjects. Last year, he attracted criticism over the way his story about Charlie Sheen’s HIV status was portrayed and he also attracted criticism after labelling George Shelley as “bisexual” after the singer was clear that he didn’t want to label himself.

Is Dan Wootton from Austraila?

Have you detected an accent from Dan Wootton? That soft lilt in his voice is a New Zealand accent, not Austrailian as some people mistake. He was born in Lower Hutt, which is a city in the Wellington Region of the Northern Island. He moved to the UK when he was 21.

What is Dan Wootton’s net worth?

It’s hard to pinpoint how much Dan Wootton is actually monetarily worth. With his day job at the Sun and his TV stints at ITV we imagine he’s pulling in a fairly good wage. A company registered in his name, however,  has a net worth of -£1,400.

What was Dan’s first job?

Studying at Victoria Univerity he achieved a media and political science degree. He started his journalism career as an entertainment columnist for the Dominion Post. He was also a reporter for the daily TV show, Good Morning. He moved to the UK when he was 21 and eventually found a full-time job at Broadcast magazine. In 2007, when he was 24, he came the TV editor for News of the World before joining the Sun in 2013.

Does Dan Wootton have enemies?

Being a reporter and keeping famous friends is a difficult task and quite a few have publicly dissed Dan over the years. In 2012, former X Factor winner Steve Brookstein took to Twitter to say, “‘All those people with HIV and not one of them is called Dan Wootton.”

Lilly Allen threw some shade when she Tweeted, “@danwootton *rolls eyes and wonders if you ever think about why you hate young girls so much* one for your shrink perhaps?”

Dan also faced a huge backlash after his report on Charlie Sheen’s HIV as “Hollywood HIV panic” was seen as an “insidious piece of stigma-reinforcing ‘journalism'” by Tom Hayes writing for the Independent in November 2015. Dan Wootton clarified that the startling headline of the piece was not his work.


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