As straight – and denies he’s done anything with any guy … like ever.

Jack and Joel

Yep even in 2017, you can come out as straight – especially when the world thinks that you are gay (supposedly) – well that’s according to X Factor‘s Joel Fishel. Oh, and in case you were ever wondering, Jack and Joel aren’t an actual real-life couple.

Apparently even Joel’s mumma thought he was gay, saying, “if you’re gay you know that would be OK, don’t you.”

So why do people think that Joel, who is one half of the duo Jack And Joel is gay – well he tells the Daily Star, “Everyone just presumes I’m gay and that me and Jack are a couple. But I’m straight.

“I’ve always been a little bit camp and effeminate.

“I used to dress up in swimming costumes when I was younger.

“But I’ve never done anything with another guy. That’s just who I am, but I’m comfortable with my sexuality.”

He then added that it was ironic that he had to “come out” as straight – imagine in 2017 having to come out as straight.

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He remarked that people found it “strange” that he and his performance partner, Jack Remington, who is gay, could be so close.

Jack and Joel were eliminated from this weekend’s show, which centred around the songs of the late George Michael.


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