If that hot guy you hooked up with isn’t getting back to you, chances are you’ve been ghosted.

First of all, what does being ghosted mean?

The process of being ghosted means that a person that you’ve gotten to know well, perhaps over the course of a few weeks or months, suddenly and inexplicably disappears.

They cease all communications with you.

They don’t even seem to have checked their messages.

Does ghosting only happen online?

Does ghosting only happen online?
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You can be ghosted in a real-life relationship and in an online relationship. basically they’ve turned into a ghost.

Now sometimes there could be a very good reason why they’ve become ghosts and some may even have a legitimate reason for the disappearing act – perhaps, maybe they actually did die! There’s no way of knowing whether they did, particularly if your relationship was solely online via a private app like Grindr.

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They could have also been banned from using apps or social media for breaking rules and community guidelines, such as Facebook’s notorious crackdown on sex talk between consenting adults.

And perhaps they already had a partner who found out about the affairs and has ground their partner’s phone into a fine dust – unfortunately, you’ll probably never know.

So how often does ghosting happen on dating apps?

We ran a quick poll on our social media and it turns out is very very common. Around 83% who answered the poll said that being ghosted “happened a lot” and that it happened to them in the past.

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So to answer the question, yes, ghosting does happen a lot of dating ups.

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