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Is Jazon Mraz gay, bisexual or straight?

So what do we know about Jason Mraz’s love life?

Of course, in this day and age does sexuality really matter? But in the spirit of visibility in the LGBT community, yes, US singer Jason Mraz does identify as part of the LGBT+ community.

In 2018 Jason Mraz came out as bisexual in an interview with the New York Post, although many people suspected he was LGBT+ when in June 2018 he penned a “love letter” to the LGBT+ community. In an interview with Billboard, Mraz even admitted that he had experiences with men.


In his interview with the NYP Mraz said that his hidden bisexuality was a “very stressful secret”.

Speaking about how everything unfolded in the summer of 2018, he revealed, “I didn’t anticipate it. It kind of caught me by surprise, but I strive to continue to learn and grow and evolve and know myself.


“It was tough, ’cause not even my mom knew it, you know?” says Mraz. “And I realized that’s the struggle that people in the LGBT community have. It can be a very stressful secret that we carry.”






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