Get your flip flops on and take your trunks off.

Yes there is a nudist beach in Brighton and here’s where to find it

Originally opened in 1979, Brighton’s nudist beach is one of the most popular and most accessible nudist beaches in the UK.

And since it’s Brighton and involves public nudity, the beach is hugely popular with the gay community. Despite the fact that the beach itself is one of shingle and pebbles, it remains one of the UK’s busiest naturist spots.

So be sure to bring flip-flops and a particularly comfortable towel if you’re planning on sunning your bits in Brighton.

Where is Brighton’s Nudist Beach?

if you’re wondering how to find it – if you’re looking at the Pier (out to sea) the beach is a little way up the beach to the left, towards Duke’s Mound.

Is there cruising at Brighton’s nudist beach?

So there you have it, there is a nudist beach in Brighton and it happens to be very popular with the LGBT+ community, but as our Travel Expert, Nick Baker warns, don’t expect that just because a beach is particularly popular with gay men, to expect there to be a lot of cruising. He told us,

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“Just remember that not all nudist beaches are gay beaches, and not all gay nudist beaches are ok with other “activities”. A nudist beach is not always an excuse to go dogging”.

Being naked at a Nudist Beach in Brighton is not illegal, but you have to be careful about cruising.

Public nudity is generally not legal in England, except in certain specific circumstances. The laws around public nudity are complex, but as a general rule, it is illegal to expose one’s genitals, buttocks or breasts in public places where other people could see them. This includes on the street, in parks, on beaches, and in other public spaces.

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There are some exceptions, such as during events like the World Naked Bike Ride, where participants are allowed to cycle naked through the streets of some cities. There are also designated nudist beaches where nudity is permitted, although it is important to note that even on these beaches, sexual behaviour or lewd conduct is not allowed and may result in criminal charges.

In summary, public nudity is generally not legal in England and those who do so may face criminal charges unless it falls under specific exceptions.

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