If you’ve ever experienced a stinging sensation down below whenever you’ve urinated, you’ll know it really isn’t a great feeling and it can be a worry too. So what could it be?

stinging sensation when you go to the toilet meaning


It could be a sexually transmitted infection, after all, there was so many of them floating about. Medical Director at Pharmacy 2U Dr Nitin Shori told us, “statistics from NHS England show that there were more than 435,000 STI diagnoses in 2015, we may have forgotten the safe sex message”.

However, it isn’t all bad news, Nitin continues, “There are different types of STIs and some, if caught early, are easy to treat with antibiotics. Chlamydia is the most common STI in England and can be treated with antibiotics.

What are the infections that cause stinging whilst peeing?

So according to webmd.com stinging whilst you urinate could be caused by: genital herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. But stinging could also be a symptom of other problems such as kidney stones, diabetes, having an enlarged prostate, or a Urinary Tract Infection UTI – which is caused by bacteria in the urinary tract.

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Cystitis can also cause pain during urination although women are more likely to be affected by this than men. It’s caused by inflammation of the bladder caused by a bladder infection. Those infections are caused by certain bacteria – like those found in your poo.

What should I do if it burns when I pee?

The best thing to do is make an appointment where you can be tested for STIs. This can be done at a sexual health clinic, genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic or GP surgery. Some people prefer the privacy of buying a

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Some people prefer the privacy of buying a reliable testing kit online from a reputable supplier, such as Pharmacy2U.co.uk.

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