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This T-shirt company is aiming to destroy gay derogatory terms

It’s time to reclaim the slurs Bum Bandit, Butt Pirate and Knob Jockey.

And these t-shirts might just be the visual aid you need to do it.

T-shirt company Tooshly have come up with an amazing range of t-shirts which aims to disarm bullying terms such as bum bandit, butt pirate and knob jockey by allowing the wearer to reclaim the slurs.


The T-shirt’s designer, Cedric Amoyal told THEGAYUK “The Tooshly vision is simple: disarm these bullying terms. Reverse them. Squash them flat. And do it now. And how better to do that than to flip them from tools of hate into weapons of love, laughter and compassion”

So far there are 30 designs on the drawing board from the knob jockey to the muff diver, turd burglar to the butt pirate, all come with the cute bum mascot.

The cute characters include Butt Pirate, Turd Burglar, Bum Robber, Pooh Jabber, Knob Jockey, Muff Diver, Pussy Puncher, Ass Bandit, Bean Flicker and Pillow Biter.

The t-shirts go on sale from 22nd Feb with 10 percent of the profits going to the US charity, Glaad.



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