” I HONESTLY got a little soft around the holidays…”

Child star, turned full on hunk, Jonathan Lipnicki has showcased his hot new body after working out like a fiend. In an Instagram post to his fans, he admitted that he had “gotten a little soft” but turned his health around by eating well and hitting the gym, good old-fashioned hard work.

He showcased his new look, wearing nothing but his undies.

He wrote on social “I believe in complete honesty when I engage with you guys on any of my social media apps. I HONESTLY got a little soft around the holidays… and maybe a little while after too ???? I started doing @juicyssecretla meal preps made by my friend @juicyjudy around a month ago and combined with my workouts, I’ve had great results. I still have a LONG way to go before I’m back to being really shredded but this is a start! If you have been thinking of giving meal preps a try I highly suggest these!

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They aren’t paying me to say this, these are real results from the meal preps combined with Hard work. Hard work sold separately.”