Famous gay actors under 30

Coming out as gay or bisexual has probably never been easier for a TV or film star. In recent years dozens of young actors have spoken openly about their sexuality and their love lives.

Here are some of the world’s most famous gay or bisexual male actors from TV and Film.

Brandon Flynn

Born: 11th October 1993

Best Known For: 13 Reasons Why

Came Out: 2017. The actor, who is most notable for his character, Justin Foley in the hit Netflix series, 13 Reason Why just came out in an Instagram post aimed at those who are against same-sex marriage in Australia. The Australian actor, who is 23, was spurred on to come out following the No vote campaign before same-sex marriage became legal in Australia.

Brenton Thwaites

Born: 10th August 1989, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Best Known For: In the cast of Home And Away and playing the prince in Maleficient.

Came out (sort of) 2014 in MSN interview, Brenton Thwaites made quite a splash in the news in 2014, when in an interview with MSN he made hints that he could be bisexual. A fan asked the question which ‘three things you look for in a partner,’ Thwaite responded, ‘male or female? They’re very different.’

Charlie Carver

Born: 31st July 1988

Best Known For: Being one of the twins on Desperate Housewives & Teen Wolf

Came Out: On Instagram in 2016. After Desperate Housewives Charlie went on to star in Teen Wolf as Ethan, a gay character who made headlines when MTV aired the first gay kiss, between his character and Danny played by Keahu Kahuanui.

The 27-year-old explained his worries about coming out in the entertainment industry a series of posts on Instagram.

Chris Colfer


Born: 27th May 1990, Clovis California, USA

Best Known For: Playing Kurt Hummel in the smash-hit, Ryan Murphy produced television series Glee.

Came out: During his time in Glee Chris came out. He is an actor, singer, author, model and producer. Best known for his role as the gay kid in Glee, Colfer lives with his boyfriend in Los Angeles.

Fisayo Akinade

Born: 28 December 1987

Best known for: Starring in Channel 4’s Cucumber.

Came out: He revealed in Spindle Magazine that the show’s writer, Russel T Davies gave the following advice about being out in public… “Russell also gave me a good piece of advice about being out in the media. The question is: are you gay? Yes you are. And that’s it.  If you say it right off the bat and you’re open in your everyday life then you can talk about the thing you’re there to talk about, which is normally the work and not your personal life.”

Greyson Chance

Embed from Getty Images

Born: 16th August 1997

Best Known For: Being the singer signed by Ellen DeGeneres

Came Out: 2017. Chance who was signed by Ellen Degeneres’s record company after appearing on the show soon after his video was released and went viral has taken to Instagram to confirm his sexuality. Talking on the social media site and sharing a rainbow picture, he said,

“I came to fully recognize that I was gay when I was sixteen. I decided not to publicize my sexuality largely due to a matter of privacy, as I was still trying to find comfort and confidence within my own skin”

Harry Cook


Born: 12th June 1991

Best Known For: Accidents Happen

Came out: In 2013, when talking about an upcoming movie called Drown.

Joey Graceffa


Born: 16th May 1991

Best Known For: YouTuber

Came Out: Joey has always, since the beginning of his fame although it was through a music video that his sexuality was established more explicitly. He began dating Instagram star Daniel Preda in 2014.

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Joey Pollari

Embed from Getty Images

Born: 9th April 1994

Best Known For: Disney star / Film Actor

Came out in: 2018, Former Disney star, turned film star Joey Pollari has come out as gay, weeks before a film which he is appearing in, Love, Simon, is due to hit the big screen.

Keiynan Lonsdale

Embed from Getty Images

Born: 19th December 1991

Best Known For: Film Actor

Came out in: Keiynan came out as bisexual on social media in 2017, later, however, he clarified, in a 2018 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, that he prefers not to label his sexuality, and identifies primarily as queer.

Lucas Cruikshank

Born: 29th August 1993

Best Known For: YouTube Celebrity

Came out: In 2013 Lucas came out in a video posted on YouTube.

Rob Mallard

Born: 19th May 1992

Best Known For: Actor on Coronation Street

Came Out: In an interview with a magazine. Rob Mallard spoke out about his sexuality for the first time in a revealing interview with Gay Times. He said that he didn’t want to hide who he is, despite being out to his family and friends since he was 17.

Reid Ewing

CREDIT: kathclick/bigstock

Born: 7th November 1988

Best Known For: Modern Family

Came Out: On social media. Ewing who plays Haley’s boyfriend in the hit NBC comedy series Modern Family came out as gay on Twitter after revealing that he found Eugene Bata on Good Morning America “as hot as f**k”. When questioned by a fan whether he had outed himself the then 27-year-old actor replied, “I was never in.”

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Seb Castro

Born: 22nd December 1992

Best Known For: His uber gay music video “Bubble”

Came out: Well, the video “Bubble” sort of did that for him. It was released in 2013

Tommy Dorfman

Born: 13th May 1992

Best Known For: 13 Reasons Why

Came Out: In 2016 he rose to fame in the Netflix drama series, 13 Reasons Why. During the following press and interviews, it was established that Tommy was into men.

Troye Sivan

When did Troye Sivan come out as gay?

Born: 5th June 1995, Johannesburg, South Africa

Best Known For: Internet Celebrity, XMEN

Came out in 2010 via YouTube Video. In 2014 Troye released his debut single Happy Little Pill.

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