Well, this is awks…

Controversialist and right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins has announced that her book, Rude is available to pre-order and well, it doesn’t look like sales are going well, unlike Milo Yiannopoulos’s book, Dangerous, which apparently has, self-reported, over 65,000 pre-orders.

Checking on Amazon, the book is currently at #8046 (correct at time of press) in the paid Kindle store – but don’t fret she is at number 2 in the Books > Biography > Film, Television & Music > Radio Performers’ list.

It’s worth noting at this stage that LBC and Katie Hopkins parted ways earlier last month.

The paperback version of the book has faired even worse in pre-orders. The book is currently ranked at #31776 (correct at time of press) in Amazon’s bookstore. Actually checking today (12th July ) it’s 142,641…

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The book is being published by Biteback Publishing and is due for release in the fourth quarter, just in time for those ever-important Christmas sales. It’s slated for the 5th October 2017. So there’s a little way off before the book’s actual launch.

The description for the book reads,

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“Love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins is impossible to ignore, and this hilarious and revealing new book – part memoir, part handbook for the modern woman – is the same.

“Readers be warned, however. Katie doesn’t sugar-coat anything, and neither does she hold back, making her as honest in her book as she is in life.”

Anyway if you’re interested in boosting the numbers – you can buy it from here…


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