Laurence Fox, who recently called numerous LGBT+ people paedophiles on Twitter has waded into another LGBT+ issue; whether transgender people are biologically men or women.

Seemingly for no reason, (as he was originally calling on people to resist the government’s lockdown policies) actor turned politician Laurence Fox waded into a debate on whether trans women are women after being asked by one user of Twitter, “Do you agree that trans women are women?”.


He answered the question in the negative, saying, that he believed that trans women are biological men. “They are not biological women and never will be”.

The question came from a Twitter user Perky Warbeck.

He also called on the BBC to be defunded after the corporation used its platform to educate children on the importance of gender identity and pronoun usage.


‘The world is against trans people’

Celebrity Big Brother star and journalist India Willoughby responded to Fox’s tweet, saying “I’m a woman. I’m biological. I didn’t choose this. I’ve had to walk through fire to put things right. Merely existing is tough. We have nothing. The whole world is against us.

“Anyone offering a pat on the head or conditional acceptance after what I’ve been through can jog on.

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“Lost count of how many non-trans people insist that can’t possibly be so. Based on what? Their own life experience? Born in the wrong body is definitely a thing. Wires get crossed. It’s frustrating and disorientating. Nothing fun or titillating about it.

“Trans people literally can’t win. If you’re a kid they campaign to deny treatments to “protect” you. But become an adult and have the treatment anyway, and the same “protectors” will attack.”
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