Actor turned politician Laurence Fox has deleted a number of tweets calling people, including the deputy chair of a very well known LGBT+ charity, a soap star and a drag queen paedophiles.

The actor who made a splash in the Netflix hit, White Lines, went on the attack yesterday and tweeted numerous accusations of paedophilia to people who accused him of being a racist.


The uproar happened after Fox hit out at Sainsbury’s announcement that shoppers who didn’t want to shop with an inclusive retailer should “shop elsewhere” he claimed that they were promoting “racial segregation and discrimination”.

Tweets now deleted

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The Tweets have now been deleted, but not before users of Twitter called on the Metropolitan Police to investigate Fox for his Tweets and many users suggesting that the actor should be sued for libel.

Fox also took aim at a RuPaul Drag Race UK star after she called Fox a “racist” and “snowflake”.

“Language is powerful”


Explaining why he wrote the Tweet Fox said, “Language is powerful. To accuse someone of racism without any evidence whatsoever to back up that accusation is a deep slander. It carries the same stigma and reputation destroying harm as accusing someone of paedophilia. Here endeth the lesson”.

Actor Charlie Condou, Tweeted, “I’m not sure what point Laurence Fox is making by calling gay people paedophiles but I don’t think it’s going to end well”

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Fox is in the process of starting a new political party, which is thought to be named, Reclaim, but has not been formally announced.

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