To celebrate it’s birthday Instagram has installed a secret easter egg on its app, where you can change the app’s logo on your home screen to a different logo, including a Pride inspired one.

Instagram was first launched in October 2010 and since its birth has become a major social media platform, now owned by Facebook.

So how do you chnage the Instagram logo?

Since the launch of Instagram the company has had a number of different logos including the famous brown and beige Insta camera – before ending on the current orange to purple gradient logo.

By finding the secret easter egg in the app you can change the’s logo on your home screen from 12 different choices, including a prelaunch “codename” logo. But one of the logos Instagram has chosen to provide is called “pride” and features the Philadelphia flag colours (that’s the flag which contains the black and brown stripe)

So to get the different logo follow these steps

This is how to find the secret Instagram pride logo

From the opening screen inside the app find the settings button (location may differ on different operating systems) and click on it.

Then with your finger scroll upwards (away from all the links like Notifications, Privacy etc)

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Keep scrolling and eventually your screen will reveals some emojis – scroll a little further and your screen will be filled with confetti and the logo options will open up!

LGBT+ criticism

Recently Instagram has faced criticism over its policy of deleting, without the possibility of appeal or review photographs of LGBT+ content, particularly of the male body.

Last week the platform deleted numerous photos and threatened to cancel the account of The Naked Rugby Players, a charity calendar which celebrates body diversity and bring awareness of male cancers. However the pictures which were removed did not contain any nudity.

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The platform did reinstate the pictures and issued an apology directly to The Naked Rugby Players, but has since deleted, without appeal or review, at least two more of the pictures from the account and once again issued its threat to delete the account.

Fans of the calendar called Instagram a “shambles” and the policy “discriminatory”.

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