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If you’ve bought a FleshJack it’s probably become one of your favourite bedroom toys – of all time, but exactly how should you clean it and look after it?


If you want your FleshJack to be ready for action for a long time to come you’ll need to make sure you clean it and maintain it properly. So how exactly should you care for and clean your FleshJack? Getting your cleaning regime right will mean that you’ll get a lifetime of enjoyment out of your toy. It’s really quite easy, so here’s the top 3 ways to care for your FleshJack or FleshLight.


1) Warm water. Once you’ve climaxed inside the toy, remove the inner sleeve and run it under warm water. Use only clean fresh water. The material will not react very well with most cleaning products. However there is a specific FleshWash made for the toy called FleshWash.

If you need a tough clean, then you could use isopropyl alcohol. Give it a good clean through.