Despite it being colourful, bright and new – we’re just not convinced about the new Instagram logo.

If you haven’t noticed, where exactly have you been? Instagram have been going through some serious changes recently – all of which have, by and large, been hailed as completely rubbish by the naysayers.

But if you’re a person who doesn’t like change there’s an ingenious way to get the old logo back on your phone.

A technical genius, Juan Ramirez created a simple guide on how to get the old logo back and restore normality to your life.

How To Get The Old Instagram Logo Back

  1. You’ll need to create a folder – Juan has created the innovatively called his “crap” folder.



Restoring Instagram Logo giphy

2) You move your Instagram app into the “crap” folder.


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3) You then need to click this link (you need to be on your phone to do this)

Restoring Instagram Logo giphy


4) You then click on the “share” button and select “add to homepage”.

The icon, by the power of computery dark arts should now appear like the retro instagram logo that we know and love.