The son of Katie Price just dropped the C Bomb live on TV.

Harvey PriceHarvey Price, son of Katie Price just put the online trolls in their place – by calling them the c word live on air.

Harvey, was answering his mum’s question about what he might say to online trolls when he blasted them with the C Word.

Katie asked him:

“If someone says something horrible to you, what do you say?”

To which he answered,

“Say hello.”


When she pushed for a little more information, by asking,

“If someone says something horrible to Harvey what do you say?”

He then offered,

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“Hello you c**t.”


In a segment on the ITV show Loose Women, Harvey, who has been the subject of much cyber bullying, was asked about his experience about online abuse.

Recently Katie went on a rampage, outing social media users who were using Twitter and Instagram to abuse her son who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome and is blind.

Sitting with his Mum, the 13-year-old seemed unfazed as he casually dropped the C bomb live on national TV, before his language was apologised for by co-presenter Andrea McLean.