Major Major
Major Major
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So tell us what is Major –
A) Tom Daley’s Tan,
B) Joey Essex’s Teeth
C) Ann Widdecombe’s Hair.

Elsa: a) Tom Daley’s Tan! Bless him, he seems like a sweet boy. It must have been a tough decision for him to come out through the media, I really wish him all the best.

Irene: b) Joey Essex’s Teeth (the teeth of the whole cast of TOWIE are Major, ha ha ha! Seems like they all had it done at the same place. They probably had a great discount as a group – lol). I’ve lived in Essex so the bigger the better. Life as CHAV as ever INIT?

8/10 Well done, gurls, Tom Daley’s tan is Major as well as accepting the Chav within scores you high points. There is no prize…

Finish this powerful gay message…
I’m spinning around/ Move outta my way/ I know you’re…

Elsa & Irene: I know you’re feeling me cause you like it like this…
Elsa: Love Kylie, she is a great Icon
Irene: Anything for Kylie, I take my hat off to her… so so inspiring and stunning… she is forever young.

7/10 Yes she is “forever young” We pause and think to wonder why…


Kylie’s next move should be?
Elsa: I have always wished that Kylie and Dannii record an album together.
I’m sure it would work – it’d be completely unexpected, and it’d be a hit. When 2 sisters are put together on something, nothing can’t stop them:) Come on it’s all about sister, MAJOR!

Irene: That’s right sis… so Major… Kylie’s next move could be a duet with Major perhaps? Why not, Kylie please call us! I think she is fantastic. I love the way she constantly reinvents herself. Just divine. (This is supposed to be a secret but we are working at the moment with the legendary Pete Hammond creating hits and recreating some that you guys are already familiar with.)

11/10 Amazing concept and extra point for the shameless Sister plug (these two are sisters – don’t you know…)

Have you heard of Poppers? Ever tried them?

Elsa: Sure I know poppers. Never tried but I’ve heard of their incredible ability to relax certain muscles 😉 ha ha

Irene: No … but I will find out!

8/10 Loving the knowledge and the readiness to try new things – We’re going to go far…


What 3 things do you have to take everywhere with you?

Elsa: Lipstick, my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and my phone to listen to music.
Irene: A) My handbag – inseparable – it’s ready to travel and always got everything I need to refresh myself. The French call it “un baise en ville”… Still don’t know why… 😉
B) My car keys (I like to feel independent and not to worry about transport if no taxis around).
C) My sunglasses. It’s all about mystery again. (One should always protect their eyes. I can’t remember the last time I went out without them.)

4/10 Bags, Keys and Lippy- are all expected – we were thinking Adopted children, Your macrobiotic nutritionist and your yogi/life guru… but we loved the surprise flinging of French, so have four points…


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What are people surprised to learn about you?
Elsa: Expect the unexpected lol…
Irene: That with this figure, I don’t exercise… “You are what you eat”, in a way right? I stick with that and I never buy a dress that is a bigger size than what I want to be.

3/10 Pluuuurlease, we hate/are jealous of anyone with a “I can eat anything figure…”


Your greatest guilty pleasure?
Elsa: Music; I wouldn’t live without music. It really has a great effect on me. Music is a form of self expression and of course has a great positive effect on wellbeing.

Irene: Red lipstick
6/10 Keep it ruby red baby…


Complete this sentence… (best line gets 10 points)  I need to finish this glass of champers otherwise….
Elsa: I need to finish this glass of champers otherwise it’s a SIN.
Irene: …There will be no refill.

11/10 Irene you and I are going to be the best of friends, I can tell. It’s uncanny the way we think alike.


The secret to Majors’ hearts is….
Elsa: It wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I tell you 😉 I like to be surprising.

Irene: Yes Major sisters are full of mysteries. Guys it’s for you to find out!

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7/10 Cue Aretha Song…


What’s next ladies?
Irene: The only way is UP! For Major, we are children of the world. Two sisters having FUN. With Big hair don’t care. We have Big Dreams and Big Ambitions but most importantly Big Hearts. We cannot wait to see Major growing from a humble start into an Empire.

Elsa: We love to entertain and we are proud to connect with the world through our music. Our journey so far has been such a blessing. Being role models means so much to us. We can only be grateful. Thank you!

7/10 Stirring Very Stirring.

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.